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Every Parent Can! Parent Education Course* 

"Man is the son of the environment."


Young children have the natural awareness and curiosity to catch everything around them. First thing happens in the process of language acquisition is always hearing/ listening to the sound of the environment which created by parents. The readiness of the spoken language happens after countless times of baby's imitation, experiment and encouragement from parents. Therefore one of the most important thing in the early stage of music learning is to create the child's desire for learning.  

This includes:
Having an acoustic/ non-digital piano at home.  
Attending professional/ students concerts.
Visiting people who play an instrument.
Singing, dancing, moving with the music, making music becoming part of daily life.
Listening to the classical radio station in the car/ at home.
Daily listening to the Suzuki music.
Attending other children's lessons (observation)


In the observation, you and your child will be experiencing:   
Studio environment
Lesson etiquette 
Lesson structure
Lesson expectation
Knowing the teacher
Teaching style
Making friends
Listening, just absorb the beauty of the sound 

Parents will be given guided observation tasks at each session (around 4-5 sessions), followed by phone consultation which I will discuss lesson in details and allow you to ask questions.
It depends on the environment and the maturity of each child, some children only need 4-5 weeks to be ready to take his/ her own lesson, some will need a longer period of the time.    

*Fees apply, please refer Fees and Policy page. The fees covers unlimited numbers of observation sessions and 4-5 private phone consultation. 


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