Learning with Love, Through Senses 
Piano Pedagogy Course with Caroline Fraser 

Discovery of the joyful, natural and effective way of teaching the young beginner (from age 3). Course will cover lectures, onsite demonstration, masterclasses and discussion with lots of hands on experience.

♫ Learning Through Senses ♫ 
24 August- 26 August 
(20 hours, including 5 hours observation)

We will study how to implement the Suzuki philosophy and Mother Tongue Approach in teaching Suzuki Book 1. This class will discuss how to create nuturing enviroment which stimulate child's desire of learning. 

By studying the book 1 repetoire and with the use of videos and on-site demonstration lessons, Caroline will show how to develop the child's ear and how to learn to play with physical ease. She will also cover topics as parental involment, cumulative learning, how and when to introduce music reading and important teaching points of each of the book 1 pieces. Book 1 is the foundation for all later learning. We highly encourage book 1 participants to also register music reading course which will explain the concepts of how to bring the symbols of music reading very naturally into the lives of Suzuki students.    


♫ Learning with Joy ♫
Teaching Music Reading in Suzuki Style

25 August- 27 August 
(10 hours, including 4 hours of observation)

Caroline will demonstrate, through examples and teacher participation, a natural approach to music reading where the children learn by absorbing and by "doing." As Dr. Suzuki discovered, children have an amazing ability to learn through their senses. Music reading and theory, apparently very rational subjects, can be introduced in exactly the same way.

Caroline will show how children can be guided to see the written score and hear it. Learning music reading in the Suzuki style means that musical notation will grow naturally out of the children's playing abilities and not treated as a separate subject, allowing the children's discovery of the written language to evolve directly from their own experiences. Learning to read music should be a natural and joyful stage in our Mother Tongue Approach!

Click the music symbol for music reading articles written by Caroline. 


Caroline Fraser is from Scotland. She graduated from Edinburgh University with a Bachelor of Music degree and studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London obtaining the diplomas Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music and Associate of the Royal College of Music in piano and violin. She obtained a Masters of Music degree with Kodaly emphasis from Holy Names University (HNU). Caroline started to teach using the Suzuki method in 1974 in California. She pioneered the Suzuki method in Peru in 1981. From 1992 until 1999 she was a lecturer in music theory at HNU, where she continues to direct the Summer Suzuki Piano Teacher Training Institute. Caroline is an ESA, SAA and ARSO teacher trainer. She lives in Lima, Peru and is one of the Latin American liaisons for the SAA. She has given teacher training courses all over Latin America, in the USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

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♫ Playing With Agility ♫ 
28 August- 31 August  
(23 hours, including  8 hours observation)

This course discusses how to continue implementing the Suzuki philosophy in the newly revised International Edition of Book 3, which contains additional repertoire.

Teachers will experience the importance of continuing to develop the child's ear, the role of a Book 3 parent, the continued development of music reading and theory and how to develop a natural technique in the repertoire. Videos and on-site demonstrations will help show how the students and parents study the pieces. 

♫ Nurturing Your Child ♫

Parent Workshop 
Venue: TBC 
27 August 13:00- 16:00

Adult $30 
ACT Suzuki Piano students: free

♫ Teaching Strategy ♫

28 August-31 August (10 hours) 

This course is highly recommended for all book 3 participants. It is designed to give the teachers the opportunity to share their teaching and receive feedback from Caroline. Teachers are encouraged to bring a recorded lesson to class which can be with a student book one or beyond.

♫ Immersion course ♫
(Book 1, 3 plus Music Reading, Parent Workshop) $1100
$1000 if you register before 31 March 
♫ Private Consultation / Lessons ♫ 
$75 for 30 mins
$112.5 for 45 mins
$150 for 60 mins

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Late fees: 
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after 25 June please add additional $30 
after 1 July $50 per person
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To Inspire teachers: Young children can learn through senses, with great success. With laughter and joy! 

For parents: Power of the environment which stimulates children's desire of learning. Enjoy the learning journey with the children, respect their own pace.  

To all: Nurturing children through music making, it's more than just music!