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"When Love is Deep, Much can be Accomplished."              Dr. Suzuki

Little percious moments                                    
Piano Masterclass

Masterclass in 2019 Suzuki Spring Festival, Melbourne

Happy Celebration after Graduation

With few special people and mentors at the 2019 Suzuki Graduation Concert: Yasuki Nakamura (bottom left) and Nada Brissenden (bottom right) with me in the middle and in the back row are (from left) Hikari Nakamura, Cheryl Cartwright, Erica Booker and Gabrielle Donovan.

Happy kids after Performance at SOH!

Happy kids after performing 2019 Piano Graduation at the Sydney Opera House

Beautiful students from Latinamerica

My lovely students from Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Panama at 1st Convention of Suzuki of Americas in Cancun, Mexico

World Peace through Music!

Participants from 27 countries to join this amazing convention host by Asociación Mexicana del Método Suzuki.

We connected through music

Happy families after the 2019 Chamber Music Festival at the Wesley Music Centre

Music, Love & Friendship

Pure joy and happiness through music making!

Studio Concert

Regular performance opportunities help to build up confidence

Having fun at the group class

Singing, playing, following the score, feeling and understanding the music reading concept inside out.

ACT Suzuki Piano

Two beautiful pianos, including Yamaha C5 and Shigeru Kawai SK6.

Chamber Music Concert

Students celebrating end of year performing with professional musicians from Canberra Symphony and Limestone Consort at Wesley Music Centre.

Ensemble opportunity

A senior student performing piano trio with professional musicians.

Music Reading in Suzuki Style

Music Reading in Suzuki Style: Through senses, with joy! Connect sound to symbol in a very natural way at the group class.

Studio Concert

Regular performance opportunities help to build up confidence

Group Class: Musical Fun Together!

Music learning should be a holistic experience including emotional, social, artistic experience. We don't just teach music but also guide children to help, to support, to co-oprate with others.

Best Friends!

We are not just here for music playing, but also friends making :-)

Smiling Parents, Smiling Children!

Happy and proud students after perfuming Book 1 Award Concert in Suzuki Institute in Sydney.

Beautiful Suzuki Triangle

Little Daniel is supported by loving, encouraging parents, with guidance of teacher.

After Studio Concert

Good friends share their music, laughter and yummy food after the studio concert.


Ensemble concert brings a different listening and playing experience for everyone.

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