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About Teacher

Sophie L Chalk was born in Taiwan and studied piano performance under Gabor Rosza and John Luxton at the Canberra School of Music, Australian National University.

She has travelled the world to study under many infuential pianists and teachers. Among these are concert pianist Ruth Slenczynska, Suzuki piano teacher trainers Sheila Warby, Erica Booker, Caroline Fraser and the founder of Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Dorothy Jones.

Sophie specialises in Suzuki piano pedagogy and early childhood education. She truly believes that beautiful music comes from a beautiful soul. Like Dr Suzuki once said: “Beautiful tone, beautiful heart.” One of Sophie’s goals is to nurture the next generation through music and provide children with the foundation to grow into sensible, and noble human beings.

During the northern summer, Sophie is also the assistant teacher at HNU Suzuki Piano Teacher Training Institute in Oakland, USA. Sophie has taught at and presented workshops in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Taipei, Oslo, San Francisco, Seattle and, more recently, at the 1st Suzuki Convention of the Americas in Cancun, Mexico and the 35th Suzuki International Music Festival in Lima, Peru.

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